WP Shock Competition - mini

WP competition shocks are the only racing shock absorbers to be 100% custom-made by the manufacturer. They are developed with the cooperation of the current World Championship and works riders and the latest racing know-how provides a steady information flow to be used for future production. Only WP racing components such as the WP competition shocks were used by all the racing motorcyclists who won over 200 World Championships. No other chassis component available to performance-oriented riders has ever been so successful.

WP competition shocks are made exclusively of material and components that have proved reliable in high level racing series. Each shock is made to measure using, amongst other things, high precision, computerised CNC systems. The WP competition shocks offer a wider setting range than ever before covering low speed compression, high speed compression and rebound damping, with additional length adjustment for road shock absorbers.

WP competition shocks are factory pre-set based on the factors of rider, riding ability, area of use and type of motorcycle, first establishing the ideal individual setting for the last section of the progression. This basic setting is the starting point for the setting range, considerably wider than that of standard products, which then provides unlimited possibilities for individual adjustment. In this way each competition shock is unique and made-to-measure. They are designed for maximum stress and are extensively tested so that constant damping and unimpaired function can be guaranteed even at high oil temperatures or at high compression speeds during races. In addition to the low speed compression, high speed compression and rebound settings which can be adjusted using standard tools, there is a preload adjuster (optional for off road, standard and hydraulic for road)  which alters the height of the frame, optimising the balance to suit the prevailing road and weather conditions.
Please note: owing to the individual factory preset, 14 days must be allowed for set-up and supply.

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